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University College Maastricht
Maastricht University
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6211KH Maastricht, The Netherlands
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 University College Maastricht



  SSampling of publications available on-line [for a complete list, see CV]

  • Dental Ethics Manual (2nd edition). [with W. Brands, et al., Eds]. Geneva (Switzerland): FDI World Dental Federation, 2018. [link

  • The impact of twenty-first century personalized medicine versus twenty-first century medicine’s impact on personalization. [with C. Abettan]. Philosophy, Ethics and Humanities in Medicine 15 (2020) 11. [link]

  • Patient agency, autonomy and consent catholic perspectives. Medicina y Ética / Medicine and Ethics. 31,4 (2020) 803-842. [link]

  • Promoting capability to make healthcare decisions [Consensus Statement of the 9th IACB International Colloquium].  [With w. Sullivan, J. Heng et al.] National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 20,2 (2020) 355-371. [link

  • Patient Autonomy as a Necessary but Limited Ethical Principle in Shaping the Dentist-patient Relationship. IOFOS-The Journal of Forensic Odonto-Stomatology 37(2019) 2-9.  [link]    

  • The value of palliative care: Guidelines for health care facilities and individual providers facing permissive laws on physician assistance in suicide and euthanasia [with W.Sullivan, J. Heng et al.]. 2016 Consensus Statement of the International Association of Catholic Bioethicists. [link]

  • Caring for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Ethical and Religious Perspectives. Journal of Religion and Society, Supplement 12, 2015 [link]

  • Finding God in All Things. Reflections on the possibility of mission implementation at a Jesuit University in the area of faculty research. Jesuit Higher Education, 4(2) (2015): 126-134. [link]

  • Biomedical Technology: Omnipresent in contemporary care, but virtually absent from Catholic bioethics. Journal of Religion and Society, Vol. 17 (2015) 1-30 [link]

  • The Ethics of Forgoing Life-Sustaining Treatment: Theoretical Considerations and Clinical Decision Making [with H. ten Have]. Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine, 9 (2014) 14-22. [link]

  • The Challenges of Oral-based Diagnostics in Extending the Role of Dentistry as a Health Care Profession: Property Rights, Privacy, and Informed Consent.[with A. Vernillo, S. Naidoo, & D. Malamud] Journal of the American College of Dentists. 78,3 (2011) 33-40. [link]

  • Pitfalls of Legal Regulation to Improve End-of-Life Care. The Example of Artificial Nutrition and Hydration. Online Journal of Healthcare Ethics 6,10 (2010): 1-26. [link]

  • Deciding about patient requests for extraction. Ethical and legal guidelines [with  D.Broers, W.Brands & A. de Jongh]. Journal of the American Dental Association 141,2 (2010)195-203. [link]

  • Educational Guide on End-of-Life Care Law and Public Policy in Nebraska (2nd ed, 2005 [link]

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